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With the summer months fast approaching, it is time to prep up your home to ensure it looks and feels cool. The sweltering heat of the next few months can be draining physically as well as temperamentally and it helps to implement certain practices in order to welcome the season with open arms. Here are a few tips on how to bring the summer into your homes.

1. Colour: It is a known fact that colour has a huge impact on the psychology and well-being of humans. Colour is a science which affects your psyche quicker than most visual elements. Think of summer colours – bright oranges, sunshine yellows, fresh greens. Any of these colours would be great to introduce into your home this summer as they all promote positivity in some way. Whether it be a bold statement wall, or simply within your cushions and throws everyone loves a bit of colour in summer!

2. Fabrics: With the harsh summer sun coming through your windows, it is important to keep your interiors light and airy. Tone down your bedding and upholstery with breathable fabrics of light colours and pleasant prints. Opt for cotton or linen curtains with sheers to let light in as opposed to thick dark drapes. Burlap curtains are a great option to enclose a balcony or study which doesn’t necessarily need privacy. Burlap is a woven fabric made from plant fibers and is also eco-friendly.

3. Plants / Nature: Everyone knows that plants have a great cooling quotient. They are a good way of keeping your house cool and also promote healthy living. Water is another element which can instantly calm your senses. You can install a water fountain in your balcony or in a corner of the living room to enliven the space. To experience the coolness and sound of flowing water is the best way to beat the summer blues.

4. Outdoors: White paint is known to reflect light so it helps to apply a coat of white lime wash on external surfaces. Although it could get washed away in the rains, it is pocket-friendly and a great way to keep the slab/wall cool in the summer. A longer lasting but more expensive solution would be to use solar heat-reflecting white paint on the roof. A lot of Indian paint and coating companies manufacture this product and is recommended by architects too. And lastly, decluttering goes a long way in keeping your space cool and breathable. Discard items that are not in use, conserve electricity by turning off and unplugging devices when not in use and adopt a healthy lifestyle by eating right and providing food & water to birds and animals.



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