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Originating in Italy and used by the Venetian mosaic makers of the 15th century, terrazzo was originally designed as a hard wearing and cheap alternative to Italian marble.

A low cost solution which put together scraps of marble and granite in a scattered mosaic look bonded in cement it is interesting for its variation and the unique combinations of color. Mixing small parts of stone, such as marble and resin, or even semi-precious stones or colored glass and metals with concrete and polishing the surface to reveal a pattern and create beautiful surfaces.

Designers are now using terrazzo as an alternative to the much used marble flooring as it has become more colorful and vibrant than the traditional terrazzo. Restaurants,eateries, Art Galleries, museums and many more public and private spaces are using terrazzo more and more in their decor, and not just limited to flooring. Kitchen counters, back splash and much more. An adaptable material, terrazzo used as a small accent or liberally is an iconic material to be used in home decor.

One of the classics which people underestimate, the enduring beauty and extreme durability of terrazzo makes it a popular contender for a revival in both commercial and residential spaces over the coming year.

Ritu Goregaoker

Design Director



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