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Video door phone is a security system used to manage calls/visitors at the entrance of a building or house, with access controlled by audio-visual communication between inside and outside. These can be used in building complexes, private houses or commercial spaces. It allows you to see your caller/visitor even before you open the door. This system has gained popularity in the last decade and the market now offers a variety of video door phones and intercom systems.

With the advancement of technology these systems are now available with many sophisticated features like clear night vision, water resistant, storing past information, adjustable volume and image quality and wireless units. While there seem to be plenty of reasons to install a security system at your door, let us look at the five most important advantages. 1. Security A video door phone allows you to see and interact with your visitor even before you let them in. This automatically helps you to be selective on who enters your premises, thereby never having to compromise on the safety and security of yourself and your premises. 2. Easy installation The new wireless products come with easy installation benefits. It eliminates the need for making alternations and wiring requirements. The gadgets can be installed very quickly and look sophisticated. Some modern products come with their own installation kit and can be installed without an expert technician. 3. Less dependency on man-power Most building societies appoint security guards to protect their premises. Sometimes these guards have to multi-task as liftmen or parking supervisors too, temporarily letting go of their main duty. The video door phone system eliminates the need to have a security guard placed at the entrance of your premises, therefore proving more reliable and cost-effective.

4. User friendly especially senior citizens, children and people with disability There are times when we have had to leave a senior person or a child alone at home for a little while. With the video door phone system we need not worry too much as our loved ones can be left safely on their home with no threat of unknown and unwanted visitors. Moreover, the wireless versions can be used by people with disabilities too.

5. It defines the quality of your building The quality of a construction project, residential or commercial, is defined by many factors, one of them being the amenities being provided. Some of these may not always be visible in a construction, but a security system is the first thing that is noticed upon entry. And it is not just the presence of the security system that matters, it should be visually attractive, user-friendly and of a reputed brand. Apart from these obvious benefits, the added advantages are that some of the systems are weather-proof – the units are water, snow and heat resistant. Additionally, the cameras are powered by infra-red technology, which allow you to look at objects or people clearly even at night or under poor light. So if you want to get hold of a reliable security device for protecting your premises, with the luxury of relaxation and no exorbitant costs, then the video door phone is what you’re looking for.



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