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Brightening up a home ahead of the monsoon

Time for that hot cup of coffee on your window ledge with your favourite thriller!

Monsoons are something you look forward to after the hot months and a reason to throw out some old things and bring in some new...

Redoing your soft furnishings is a great idea to change the look of your house. Curtains and cushions can make or break the ambiance of a home. Since the months ahead are full of cloudy gloomy days getting brightness into your home via cushions and curtains is a great idea.

Bright yellows, oranges, whites look happy cheerful and helps keep the gloom of the cloudy rainy days away. They spruce up your living and bedrooms and make for a happy space!

Ideas to brighten up a home ahead of the monsoon.

Change your curtains and cushion covers to bright colours

Get some indoor plants as green plants always give a freshness to an area which the rains are going to do their best to dampen.

Get some aromatic candles and place them at strategic locations. not only are they useful to create an ambiance of relaxation and peace but also the aroma will keep the smell of moisture and dampness away.

Now is the time to pack up your carpets and stow them away for drier and sunnier months...carpets give off an extremely unpleasant smell of damp and decay in the monsoon months...Best to roll them away and keep your flooring carpet free...

Wherever possible keep only sheer curtains...main curtains are thick because of the lining and of course the black out aspect but they block whatever little sunlight is available on rainy days...sheer curtains allow for the light to seep inside and gives the room an ethereal glow.

Do's and Dont's

Avoid dark deep and gloomy colours on loose furnishings like curtains and cushions.

Avoid carpets, rugs and durries

Check for leakages per monsoon

Give your walls a fresh coat of paint if possible ahead of the monsoons with bright colours

Avoid colours like grey and blue

Green and yellow are good options to experiment with

Lighting is also very important...we mostly have daylight or yellow lights in the houses these days...white is a strict no...if you have white then change to yellow for a warmer and cosier look to your house.

Indoor Plants are an excellent way to get the space looking fresh and keep it oxygenated



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