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Contemporary Living Spaces

Contemporary designing,is all about clean-lined comfort. Those who love this style understand that a home can be both practical and beautiful. That said, contemporary spaces can feel stark and impersonal if you’re not careful. Balance square corners and right angles with curved edges and maximizecoziness with plush textures, like velvet & soft linen.

The fluidity of contemporary interior design is particularly exciting. Today, Contemporary interiors feature clean, unadorned spaces. Metals and glass are popular contemporary materials and intricate details are kept to a minimum.


Bedrooms are a designed environment in which the client will sleep and relax, and for that reason, the interiors should reflect the client’s own identity. Contemporary designs are designs which create interiors that are rich, unique and understated.

Contemporary also works well in smaller bedrooms because fitted furniture ranges provide plenty of storage. If space is an issue, look at built-in furniture to maximize storage capacity.

Again the use of soft furnishings can play a very important role in a bedroom, to give the space the softness where contemporary designing can become a little too clean cut and rigid.


Minimalism, clean lines and almost clinical efficiency are the key components of a truly contemporary bathroom.Contemporary bathrooms can be hard to visualize and bring to life.

The space needs to complement the rest of your home so following the same lines in to this space and keeping it simple is the key to a harmonious home. Nowadays we have a lot of choice as far as finishing and texture in sanitary fittings which can lend the pizazz to your simple bathroom. Water closets and wash basins in textured gold, concrete finish and different designs and patterns allow you to keep the floor and wall to the minimum and enhance your bathrooms with these fixtures


For a contemporary kitchen it is essential to have built-in appliances to maintain a tidy and minimalist look. Contemporary kitchens should have adequate storage for free-standing gadgets and other kitchen accessories Kitchen lighting is a very vital aspect of kitchen design and has to be factored in at the planning stage itself.

Apart from general illumination in the kitchen, each zone should have specific task lights – the cooking zone, the sink, the storage and the preparation area. Contemporary kitchen lighting involves a lot of indirect light which can be seen in the form of cove lighting in the ceiling or task lighting underneath kitchen cabinets.



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