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I regularly talk about interior design, interior design trends and colour palettes, but there are many other interiors related businesses that I come across daily in the industry, one such profession is interior styling. For those not entirely clear on the difference between interior designers and interior stylists; think about fashion designers and fashion stylists. Stylists work with existing products and designs to style and enhance a space whilst designers create products from scratch.

The purpose of interior styling is that often people have an eye for design and a nice selection of interiors items in their home or property but have little clue as to how to put it all together cohesively or how to maximise the space and style, this is where stylists exceed. They make a space completely photo-worthy!

Some stylists also turn their hand to Property Staging. This is something that is relatively new to the market and where interior stylists can really see benefits from their work. It is similar to styling however it is focused on the property sales market. Estate agents and developers often hire a staging company to ‘dress’ the property in order to showcase it in the best light for potential buyers. Like me, interior designers can also be interior stylists and can style their own projects in a way that they have visualized it. They are known within the industry for their glamorous approach and amazing knowledge of locally as well as internationally sourced furniture and accessories. They always have something unique to offer and can turn homes into stylish spaces, injecting energy and a wow factor.



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