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Festive Decor- Harmony of Colour & Light

The joyous celebration of festivals in India is followed by a frenzy in every household to decorate and embellish the home to resonate with the buzz of the festival. It is hard to say what the perfect way to decorate a house during festivals is, as there are so many factors that need to be kept in mind. Making sure your decor is affordable, people friendly and yet elegant can be difficult. There are two simple tricks to make 'festive' home decor simpler for everyone: Accessories and Colour.

There is something very believable about the science of colour and the notion that certain colours evoke certain emotions, moods and physical feelings – which is why it is integral to choose the right colours to echo the vibrant lights and electrifying energy. Put aside all your cool shades of blue and green for another day and make way for the warmer tones of red, orange and yellow. These colours exude energies of activity and interaction and automatically give homes a celebratory ambience. This being said, feel free to deviate from the norm from time to time and break the colour schemes by introducing elements of deep, royal blues and other shades from the cooler side of the colour spectrum to bring in elements of calm to the otherwise bustling decor so as to not over power your guests. Remember that lighter colours will make your room look bigger and more open, while earthen colours will add warmth and darker colours or bold patterns will hide stains well so make sure you pick your shades according to your anticipated needs.

Accessories help to express your personal taste and make your home look unique. Without accessories, even the most elaborately designed homes would appear bare. Festivals are the perfect excuse to go all out with all those clashing accessories you were hesitant to put out all year. Use hanging lamps with colourful shades and lanterns of diverse shapes and sizes to adorn the inside as well as outside of your house. This year lanterns of oxidized metals ranging from gold leaf to copper seem to be all the rage. They illuminate spaces whilst giving them a certain old world charm to interiors. However, exciting decorating homes can be it is integral to keep safety in mind. Lanterns and candles all radiate the perfect festive vibrations but can be a safety hazard, especially with young children and flowing Indian traditional outfits. Limit the bedroom decorations to colourful throw pillows and runners. Using mock curtains in living spaces with a sheer lining also lends an air of drama during the day and the night without making the room look crowded.

It is effortful and inconvenient to change the heavier pieces of furniture that adorn homes, but changing carpets to compliment Festive decor is a good idea for two reasons. Firstly, carpets take up a large amount of space in rooms, but they don’t tend to pull too much focus; this allows us to use carpets to subtly change the atmosphere of room by changing them to suit the atmosphere. Secondly, Festive season is analogous to hosting family and friends over food and drinks. Removing your permanent carpets for interim ones protects them from unavoidable spillage and stains. If you are using a carpet just as an accessory, you can consider bright colours or bold prints to offset the neutral tones of your sofas and curtains. Interestingly, you could also match colours of the carpets with smaller accessories in the room like cushions or dining chairs.

Working with themes is pleasing to the eye, adds a personal style to your home.



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