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5,50,000 SQ.FT

Located along the busy Western Express Highway in the Mumbai suburbs, Raheja Ridgewood building is a luxury residential tower comprising of three wings of 21 floors each with two basements for parking. The building enjoys a generous compound with a playground, ample parking for cars and a boutique club house with a state-of-the art gymnasium and a swimming pool, for its residents. The interface between the building, the club and the vast open space becomes a field where the interaction between man and environment takes place. Raheja Ridgewood comprises of luxurious 2, 3 and 4 bedroom apartments which are oriented East-West providing ample sunlight to the occupants.

The building façade although seemingly simple and in straight lines yet strong in form, is enhanced by the blue roof of the terrace parapet wall which is visible from the highway. Special effort was put in selecting the colours for the building. As the building is very long, the façade has been divided using two colours - white and brown. The lower five floors have a beige colour creating a prominent base to the building. The rest of the building in white adds proportion to size and scale of the building. The colour scheme echoes in the windows too, where brown tinted glass has been used within a white frame. All windows are floor to beam, giving the interiors a feeling of vastness. Adding to the opulence as you drive in, large air-conditioned lobbies in Italian marble make you feel important and transform the space into a posh hotel lobby. A stylish reception table finished in Burberry Beige marble sits in front of a wood paneled backdrop. You are instantly transported into a world of luxury associated with international standards and are intrigued at what lies ahead.


Club Ridgewood is a fantastic example of how light and space can be combined to deliver bright and elegant public areas. It is a hub where residents of all ages and genders assemble, either in groups or on their own. Club Ridgewood is a 5000 sq.ft. fully equipped club set in a stylish glass façade. The clear glass gives the interiors a larger feel and integrates the lush green landscape with the spaces inside. The gymnasium and admin office with common toilets are connected to the reception area. The gym has glass walls on three sides, instantly connecting it to the outdoors. As you look out at the inviting swimming pool, you realize how calming water can make you feel. The ceiling has a decorative accent with a lit floating design. The ground floor also accommodates a ladies’ and gents’ spa and a party hall which opens into a landscape garden. A staircase from the reception area leads up to the first floor which has a trendy games’ room and a cheerful toddler’s play area. The play area opens out into a beautiful terrace garden which has a uniquely lit railing design.


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