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12,000 SQ.FT

With the lush green natural backdrop of Khandala, the site abuts the Khandala Valley on one side, gaining a stunning view. With the client brief for a villa that would be a second home, the design concept originated with the intent of creating a tropical house with a semi-rustic feel. The clients wanted a design that prioritized the villa’s view to the valley, and understandably so; in addition to the aesthetic of a 'second home' – one that was large, spacious and airy – the brief also called for the materiality to be rainfall-resistant and durable despite the high humidity.

The client brief was quite specific in terms of programmatic requirements – a guest room that would accommodate 5 to 10 people, a large open lounge area, a leisure lounge for games etc., all with a clear distinction between the private areas and the guest and entertainment areas.

Spread over a plot area of 22,000 sq.ft, the result is a simplistic plan that embodies visual transparency and makes one feel connected with the natural surroundings of the site from all points within the home. Designed on the lines of an Indian tropical home, natural Indian stone, rough textured walls and wood have been used in either their natural form or incorporated through look-alikes; crafting a sensorial experience, the wood look-alike fibre screens used at the entrance porch create an amazing interplay of light and shadow.

The planning of the house is driven by efficiency, with minimum connecting passages. Keeping in mind the view and the visual treat of the lush greenery all around, the ground floor is designed to maximize openness. One of the key features of the design process was to create separate spaces for the Living/Dining area and the Games room, whilst retaining their visual connection by means of a covered open lounge.

​Combining local craft and materiality with a contemporary design approach, the residence attempts to create a shift in the trend of second home design. Through programmatic shifts, the house capitalizes fully on the scenic beauty of the locale and creates a true home away from home for the client.


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