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1. Autumn Maple

Winter is about comfort and warmth and curling up on the sofa with a great book or a cup of tea. when I think about Winter the colour that quickly comes to mind is Autumn Maple-one of the colour trends this season which will introduce warmth into the palette. The quintessential Autumn shade that blends tawny and russet, infusing any home with energy and vitality.It radiates warmth making any design project look more trendy and uplifted.

2. “Display what you love”

A very liberating trend this winter is the Curated Look. What something costs is irrelevant. Whimsy and quirkiness are a plus. This extends from accessories to furniture. Instead of the idea that all interior spaces have to match, lets take a more creative and unique approach to interiors.

To mix and match styles effortlessly at home, gather up a few unique pieces that you love, look at what could be moved and integrated with other existing pieces to shake things up. Reconfiguring new and existing pieces in an experimental way can allow for the most unusual of pairings. Embrace how you live and where you've been. Let each room tell a story about your life. Collectibles, whether books, art or a grouping of like items in a space, not only adds personality but offers conversation pieces.

One-of-a-kind pieces with textural details are huge this fall, ceramics being manipulated to look like glass, hand-carved wood, hammered metals and textured glass adding multiple levels of texture and detail to each and every piece.

3. Unexpected Shapes in Furniture

Asymmetry is having a strong moment. If you're looking to update any furniture in your living room, family room or bedroom, think curves and rounded shapes. Unexpected silhouettes and sweeping contours are here to stay, especially for sofas, sectionals, chairs and chaises. While these silhouettes feel perfectly suited for snuggling up during autumn and winter, they make a statement during all seasons too. Look for statement pieces that feature artful lines, such as sofas with high-low backs or sectionals that gently curve inward.

4. Mixed Materials

Just as you'll want to experiment with your own combination of neutral colours, home accessories and furniture are also freshly updated with mixed materials. Sofas no longer need to be covered in the same fabric; instead, find one with a combination of leather and upholstery. Think black and white herringbone on the sofa with a green velvet accent chair to complement. Think accent tables in industrial metals (especially black-coated iron) with unexpected pairings like agate or raw wood and even treated coal. Treated coal with brass is a fantastic combination which is here to make a mark this winter.

For objects like photos, books and vases, choose bookshelves dressed in marble, glass and gold or brass. Even if an item itself doesn't feature an integrated mix of materials, you can curate your own collection of perfectly mismatched vases, picture frames, candle holders and sculptural objects in a way that speaks to this trend.

5. Vintage

Vintage home decor has always been popular as there are plenty of ways to recreate the past in the present. The 70’s and the 80’s are back. Turn your home study into a cozy and traditional 19th-century style library by incorporating grand, wooden bookshelves, plush rugs and a old-style arm chair.

If glitz and glam is more your style go gold with a 1920’s inspired room.Think golden furnishings, glittering chandeliers, cute dressing rooms and over sized, sparkling mirrors. Balance out the opulence with the addition of a lush tufted fainting sofa. It adds a touch of elegance and color to your home. And if you still want to retain a modern vibe, try quirky-retro home accessories. From Pop Art graphics in the kitchen to retro upholstered chairs in the living room.



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