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Décor Trends for 2018

This year’s colour palette is full of exciting and uplifting colour tones that includes ultra violet and royal purple. They are colours that can be paired with dark neutrals like black, grey and even walnut brown. Violet and purple are vibrant tones which infuse sophistication and energy so they bring on strength when mixed with metallics like gold and copper. As this year’s trend has moved away from minimalism to glossy, you can use these colours in satins and velvets dominating your space. How to use it in a home? This year’s trends will leave us in a sanctuary of colour and texture that will give us tremendous scope for some unique and dramatic colour mixing. Once you establish your colour palette, you must decide the colour you want to build your story around. A refreshing colour like purple is likely to infuse a sense of playful release, so pairing it with natural hues like walnut brown will provide a grounded appeal. Natural wood or even distressed wood furniture with ultra violet or royal purple in the form of velvet sofa upholstery or satin window drapes or soft rugs or lace cushions will liven up your space. Don’t forget to throw in some metallics like gold / copper tables or wall art or metallic accessories or even dramatic lighting to add gloss and to recognize the importance of texture. [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif]



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