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1,100 SQ. FT.

This 1100 sq.ft.3-bedroom apartment is located in a residential complex in the breezy lanes of New Bombay. The apartment boasts of a lavish living cum dining area with ample natural light, 3 well-ventilated bedrooms, a large kitchen and 3 bathrooms.

The clients are a well-travelled family with teenage sons and senior parents. They had lived in this apartment for some time but they wanted to renovate it entirely, in a way that it should look nothing like their previous home. Their requirements were very basic – muted colours, lots of open space to move about in the apartment and a well-planned kitchen.

With these ideas in mind, the design intervention was planned without altering the original layout. The original seating on the large window in the living room was eliminated to make it more accessible and let maximum light into the house and the same principle was applied in the parents’ room too. The kitchen was planned in a way to accommodate the puja room and the washing machine was placed in the powder bathroom to enable clean services. Home automation systems have been integrated to allow for ease of usage, convenience and of course, energy saving.

The idea was to create an environment to match the lifestyle of this enthusiastic family. The concept is primarily uncluttered with no frills, albeit with a generous layer of sophistication. Timeless design was an important consideration as the occupants wanted this to be the home they had always dreamed of. Although the colour palette is neutral, the look is layered by building interest through various elements.
The design concept is modern contemporary that suits the multi-generation family. Marble has been used generously to lend the apartment a luxurious and stylish look. As one enters the apartment, a large window with ample natural light welcomes the visitor inside. The flooring in rich Burberry Beige marble forms the perfect canvas for the window frame with ledge and TV unit in Armani Brown marble. The flooring continues through all the rooms, unifying the apartment and creating the base for the subtle and neutral colour palette. The customized sofas in mushroom and tan brown upholstery, provide and comfort both in terms of functionality and aesthetics while the armchairs in mustard yellow suede add the required contrast to the décor. The huge octagon-shaped center table with a wrought-iron framed base looks elegant on an abstract printed carpet. The dining table for 6 has a modern base in veneer and a black glass top. The sleek chairs in taupe upholstery complement the nude colours in the room. Another striking feature is that all the walls are finished with PU coating in a soft mushroom shade, providing depth to the room.

The children’s bedroom has a youthful appeal suited for the grown-up boys. The most noticeable feature in this bedroom is the backdrop of the bed in dark grey with random bar-code lines in jet black. The use of taupe leather on the headboard against black veneer gives the room a mature look. The wardrobe is in a soft coloured back-painted glass with a random black grid.

The master bedroom is lavish with the use of rich veneer with glossy lamination. The headboard in a dark brown leather triangles beautifully transforms into veneer triangles onto the wall above. There is a huge wardrobe in black glass, maintaining the continuity of the colour from the living room. The parents’ bedroom appears huge with a single bed and a pull-out bed underneath. The TV is placed against a large wall of Armani Brown marble which acts as a ledge for seating as well as for display of books or other articles. The headboard is in taupe leather and the wall above is finished with wallpaper that has a hint of shimmer and a print which beautifully complements the wardrobe in off-white PU on the adjacent wall.

The comfortably sized modular kitchen is provided by Hacker and it accommodates a small puja area too. The kitchen looks rich and elegant even when seen from the living room, making the whole place look cohesive with its neutral colours.

Overall, this apartment looks sophisticated with its neutral colour scheme and the lavish use of Italian marble and exotic veneer. The generous display of taupe and browns are seen in various textures like leather, suede, satins and silks. The use of black all over the apartment in different ways contributes to the design intent and the soft indirect lighting makes it look warm.Selective art work and hand-picked accessories for specific places in the apartment present an inspiring and impressive picture for the visitors.



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